Hunter's Run facilities include large stalls, indoor and outdoor arenas, and generous grass turnout.



Grass Turnout

All horses and ponies are turned out as often as weather permits on large grass pastures.  Leg washing and blanket changes are available as needed. We utilize our entire farm to maximize our turnout opportunities.  This helps us to ensure that our horses have plenty of room to get out of their stalls on a regular basis and live happier, healthier lives.  We believe that regular turnout is one of the most important routines in a horses' hardworking life.  Our property is surrounded on all sides with turnout areas that can be supervised at all times.



Four Private Barns

Our facility includes 4 private barns and 2 riding arenas.  Our stalls are all 12x12 with Dutch Windows, Rubber Mats and Stall Guards for optimum comfort.  Our stalls are bedded with cedar shavings and are cleaned several times throughout the day.  We feed unlimited amounts of top quality orchard grass and alfalfa per each horses' nutritional needs.   Hunter's Run will arrange all vet calls, dentistry, farrier services, worming and maintenance for all horses.  



Indoor and Outdoor Riding Arenas

Our indoor arena is a full-sized and well-lit riding space with optimal footing. It provides us an excellent place to school our horses when the weather or daylight prevents the use of our outdoor arena.  Our heated tack room offers a cozy viewing area overlooking the indoor arena.  We keep our viewing area well stocked with coffee and cocoa (and donuts on Saturdays) for parents, friends and family who brave the elements to watch our students ride.  The tack room is fully carpeted with saddle racks and bridle hooks to keep our equipment well organized.   


Our outdoor arena is constructed of all-weather sand footing.  We rotate our hunter and jumper courses regularly to keep our students and horses well prepared for a variety of turns, approaches and combinations.  

There is limited space available for trailer storage for a monthly fee.