Full Board and Training

Our full board and training program includes the following : full care (including administration of additional supplements), turnout (weather permitting) seasonal body clipping, blanket services, scheduling of veterinary and farrier services and all show preparation for horse and client. Full board and training includes lessons, hacking and professional rides. If horse is unable to be ridden lessons will be offered on school horses. Contact directly for pricing.

Disclaimer - Thirty day written notice is required before horses may leave the premises in addition to all bills paid in full

Lesson Packages

Lessons are available to buy individually or in packages, discounts get larger the bigger the lesson package purchased. Packages options are: 4 lessons to be used in 21 days after purchase, 8 lessons to be used 49 days after purchase or 12 lessons to be used 77 days after purchase. Haul in lessons are also permitted. Contact directly for pricing.

Disclaimer - Lessons are non refundable

Additional Training and Show Services

Tack trunks and covers are available to rent monthly.

School horses are available for partial lease

Show services include: show entry preparation, registration/check in, horse handling and hauling, professional rides, full grooming care such as stall cleaning, feeding, leg wrapping etc, full use of show set up, changing rooms and complimentary food and beverages. Shows that require extended travel will be subject to an additional day of charge. Trainer’s transportation, expenses (gas lodging) will be split among the clients attending each show. Trainer meals are not included in splits charges. Haul-in clients are subject to same weekly show charge in addition to fees for professional rides.

Disclaimer - We ask that you do not administer anything to your horse a week prior to the show even if you have veterinary or USEF approval. We must be informed if your horse has received any medication prior to the show. You will be billed directly by the vet or vet supplier for any medications administered to your horse.